911 Call Center


Kirksey Architecture

Concept and design


Environmental brand integration including supergraphic wall coverings, signage, and vision screen films design for 911 Call Center.

The graphics activated interior spaces in the governmental building, while remained discrete to avoid drawing unwanted attention to the building or distracting employees from their workflow.

To create a unique sense of place, the thematic graphic uses a line metaphorically, connectively, and symbolically to represent the call center's critical work when things hang on a line, and in relation to the workspace.

The graphics were designed to be “non-distractive” (especially on vision screens facing the Call floor). They serve to bring calmness to a normally stressful/ hectic workspace, provide privacy in certain rooms, and enliven lobby spaces and corridors with a brand message that aim to inspire positive work.


Bruce Chao, 2018

In the process of being