Encounter: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou


Concept and design development, copywriting, production

Nov 2017–April 2018

Julio Aguirre
Bruce Chao
Sicily Dickenson
Isabella Serimontrikul
Nadia Tran

Sited at Allen’s Landing, the installation expressed an interpretation of the history, economy, resilience, culture or community values of the East End and Fifth Ward. The event affords visitors the opportunity to share ideas and opinions related to future plans along the bayou and green spaces.

We researched historical texts, put together words, designed and built the extensive typographic installation with the aim to inform and engage.

This project was in collaboration with: Buffalo Bayou PartnershipJulio Aguirre, Jon Inthavong, Jose Rivera, Nadia Tran.

Connecting people to place.

At Allen’s Landing, large-scale typographic cubes served as interactives that highlight the unique attributes of the six featured sites of the Encounter project along the Buffalo Bayou East Sector.

Each block is designed to reflect and hightlight a location in the poject—the public is encouraged to investigate each location and reflect on the sites’ significance and build a connection with the place. On the top face of each cube, a prompt provides an opportunity for the community to write down thoughts and ideas related to future plans along their bayou and green spaces.

The Birthplace of Houston
Allen’s Landing is referred to as the birthplace and the original port of Houston where the Allen brothers started a thriving commercial hub and Houston’s development commenced.

Located in downtown Houston at the epicenter of the city’s development, Allen’s Landing becomes a natural starting point for the Encounter project—guiding viewers eastward to visit the other sites.

Encounter: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou (2018)
Featuring all six installations by students from the University of Houston Graphic Design program.

Video by Julio Aguirre


Bruce Chao, 2018

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