The Body Talk exhibition

Environmental, motion, identity
Research and development for The Body Talk travelling exhibition. The project aims to bring awareness and knowledge to teenagers about body ideals and self perception.

The exhibition engages and informs visitors (especially adolescents) to explore and learn more about the relationship between themselves and their bodies.

Content researched and developed for the exhibition touches on the change in body ideals throughout history, modern media and online culture, health, and self love.

The exhibition identity borrows from the contemporary commercial aesthetic that creates a friendly and informative tone. A pop of pink gives this exhibition an instant notability. The fun and dynamic interior of the exhibition creates an experience for the visitor that stimulates curiosity and inquisition, and favourably encourage further investigation.

The Body Talk Video

Sound Design by Bruce Chao
Voice-over by Isabella Serimontrikul

As a part of the exhibition, the video creates visual interest and an element of surprise for visitors.

Using branded typography, (and a nod to the analogy of typography as life) abstract characters introduce the idea of diversity, connectivity, and self love as a catalyst to promote a positive change in attitude.

The symbolic characters also avoided issues related to representation and stereotyping—which remains an unsolved issue in contemporary media. 


Bruce Chao, 2018

In the process of being